Magicland Movie Rides Motion Theatre Serving all of North America
Now in Hi Def 3D
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Hollywood Studios Magicland Movie Rides
Bringing the Thrill of a California Theme Park to you!
* A True Family Attraction
* Fun & Exciting for All Ages
* Let us take you into a new 3D world of excitement !
- We can operate indoor or outdoor - rain, snow or shine.
- If indoor, we require a door at least 7'3" wide and 7'8" high to get in, and a ceiling at least 11' high where we are operating.
- Minimum 17' x 12' of fairly level space to operate in. 20' x 15' is comfortable. The outdoor canopy requires 20' x 20'.
- 220V or 208V power outlet is required within 200 feet (we bring cables). Details here.
- We are available for all size engagements from 1 hour shows to semi permanent installations.
- Minimum 2 hours to set up, minimum 1 hour to dismantle.

- 100% safe, family oriented adventures that are truly fun for all ages.
- Microphones and cameras are mounted inside for safety - plus fun entertainment for friends, family, and spectators!
- A polite, friendly, professional, trained operator is always in attendance.
- Passengers or spectators can stop the ride at any time simply by asking.
- Because many intense movements are largely imagined (extreme speeds, spinning, falling...), most passengers feel no ill physical effects.
- Because we use passive 3D technology, there is no flicker, and most passengers feel no ill physical effects.
- We have rides available in regular and Hi Definition, and in 2D (no glasses), and 3D (RealD glasses).
- Daily inspections ensure absolute safety, plus the smoothest, quietest ride possible.

- fully insured, licensed and inspected by all applicable authorities.
- We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We can travel to any destination in North America and the world.
- The Magicland Movie Ride is a Doron SR2 Motion Simulator - a very expensive piece of complex equipment built in Binghamton NY, USA.
- 3D is delivered using 'RealD' circular-polarized passive, flicker-free technology.
- We are not affiliated with Disneyland, or Universal Studios. It is certainly not our intention to mislead anyone. The similarity
      of our fonts and graphics is to help explain how our ride experiences are similar to those you would find at Disney and Universal.
- Feel free to 
email us any other questions you may have.

- Reasonable pricing arrangements for any size function are available based on 'per event flat rate' or 'per passenger' structures. 
- Pricing varies from free and up - in some cases we will even pay you (and collect admission)!
- If you're having a fundraiser, we can help you raise a lot of money, while showing your guests a fun exciting time.
- We help out non profits as much as we can. 
- Travel surcharges may apply from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Email or call for more details.
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