Magicland Movie Rides Motion Theatre Serving all of North America
Now in Hi Def 3D
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Hollywood Studios Magicland Movie Rides
Bringing the Thrill of a California Theme Park to you!
* A True Family Attraction
* Fun & Exciting for All Ages
* Let us take you into a new 3D world of excitement !

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Over a dozen experiences
for you and your guests
to choose from

             - Exotic Roller Coasters and Realistic Roller Coasters
             - Fantasy Vehicle Races and Realistic Vehicle Races
             - Jet rides, Helicopter rides, Submarine rides...
             - 'Star Wars' Pod Racing, dinosaurs, aliens, minecarts...
             - Halloween and Christmas Rides
             - And many, many more diverse, fun and thrilling fantasy adventures

Flying, speeding, spinning, racing, chasing, up, down, and all around... there's laughter, excitement, exhiliration, shaky knees and wild unbelievable sensations...
                                                                                        ... And everyone wants more!